born: Lahti, 1984


2009 - 2014 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Time and Space, MFA
2005 - 2013 University of Helsinki, Department of Philosophy, BF(Theoretical philosophy)
2003 - 2004 University of Technology, Otaniemi, Department of Architecture
2003 Matriculation Examination, Lahden Yhteiskoulu

Private exhibitions

2015 Tomorrow was Magnificent, SINNE -galleria, Helsinki
2015 Ecce Homo -private exhibition, B-gallery, Turku

Group exhibitions

2014 TENT-Academy Awards -group exhibition, Helsinki
2014 Sitting Quietly -group exhibition, Kuva/Tila, Helsinki
2014 TENT-Academy Awards -group exhibition, Rotterdam
2014 Kuvan Kevät -group exhibition , Lisätila, Helsinki
2014 For Your Healt Only -group exhibition, KUVAxTILA, Helsinki
2014 Collector´s choice - group exhibition Titanik, Turku

2013 Maalaus ja liikkuva kuva - group exhibition Kaiku-Gallery Helsinki

2012 Gizmologies, -group exhibition Fafa-gallery
2012 Kandinäyttely - group exhibition (KuK opinnäyte) Kasarmikatu gallery
2012 Vexations, Generative videoinstallation together with audioperformance of White
Colors -collective´s, Café Kiasma.
2011 Tila-aika avautuu - group exhibition Kaiku-gallery, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
2011 Post-Natural Art - group exhibition Fafa-gallery, Helsinki (Part of the LensPolitica -festival 2011)


2014 Allegory of The Cave, Y-Screening, Y-Festival 2014,Tampere
2014 Allegory of The Cave, TENT-Academy Awards-screening, Rotterdam
2012 Orfeus, Icons – videoart and demoscene-festival, Helsinki
2009 Le Février (animation together with soundartist Jussi Vento) Kinos-shortfilmfestival.

Scholarships and grants

2015 Grönqvistska, working grant
2014 Avek-project grant
2014 KONE-Foundation, working grant
2014 City of Helsinki Cultural Office, working grant
2014 Kesko scholarship
2014 Academy of Fine Arts, travel grant